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After a long winter, call our expert team at Burdge's Water Gardens to reopen your pond. Ponds feature a lot of natural and man-made elements, so it's imperative that the right balance is maintained. We understand how PA winters impact your pond, and we'll make sure to restore the balance it needs to thrive.


We'll open your pond, clean it, reinstall pumps and UV lights, remove netting, and check for leaks and punctures to ensure your pond will look its best through the fall.

Affordable pond opening and closing services

Let us prepare your pond for winter

PA winters can be brutal. We'll make sure your pond is ready for it by cutting back plants, removing pumps and UV lights and installing netting. We can also clean all of your filters, skimmer boxes, and water fall boxes. We will then put it all back together and fill it up.


Making sure your pond has been safely closed for the winter is a job best left to our expert team. Contact us today.

We work hard to make sure every job is done the right way

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